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  • How should I prepare for my session? What should I do after?
    It is a good idea to stick to your normal routine prior to your session. Consume a typical amount of caffeine. Do not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs prior to or following your session. You may feel a little drained following your session, and may need to allow yourself time to adjust. Drink plenty of water!
  • Does it really work over zoom?
    Yes, all of the session types I offer work really well over zoom. I would prefer to do sessions in person (it is hard to focus on a computer screen for the longer sessions). Having a decent internet connection and headphones is needed!
  • How do I get to your office?
    My office is located on the third floor of 222 Osborne Street (on Confusion Corner). The building entrance is on Osborne Street between Tea Story and Verde Plant Shop. Use the intercom to buzz me by pressing '1716' and I will let you into the building, and will wait for you in the hallway on the 3rd floor.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    It depends on what you want to work on. Some issues can be addressed in 1-5 sessions, but more complex issues (such as repeated trauma) could have deep emotional ties involved, so expect to need more per issue that you are wanting to explore and heal. Tags: Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy
  • Where do I park?
    The easiest place to park is the Dollarama/Burger King lot on confusion corner. Just make sure it is not a reserved space. There are free spaces on Gertrude and paid parking nearby.
  • Why do you record the sessions?
    I record the sessions for a couple of reasons. One, on occasion I listen to previous sessions to learn or see if I missed something. Two, I like to have a recording of exactly what was said/done during a session so that there are no disagreements afterwards.
  • What are your payment and cancellation policies?
    Payment is due after the session is completed, and can be made via e-transfer, credit card, debit, and cash. Please let me know 24 hrs. in advance of your session if you need to reschedule.
  • But what about those people I have seen on stage doing crazy things? What's up with that??
    Most people's conceptions of hypnosis are derived from media or 'stage hypnotists' . These hypnotists methodically sift through their audience to find volunteers who can easily slip into the hypnotic state. Deep down, a part of the volunteer wants to perform and agrees with the suggestions given. If any suggestion is given that goes against the ethics and morals of the volunteer, they would simply reject them. Often times, alcohol is also involved, which lowers the participant's inhibitions.
  • What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
    It is a very relaxing state to be in! Your mind becomes focused on your inner awareness, and your body may begin to feel heavy or very light. You remain conscious during the entire session and are able to communicate either by talking or by finger signals which are set up during the session.
  • Is Hypnosis Safe? Am I going to get stuck??
    Hypnosis is a completely natural and safe state for you to be in - You naturally go into this state at least twice a day (while waking and as you fall asleep). You cannot be stuck in a hypnotic state, the worst that would happen is falling asleep and waking naturally. You can emerge from a hypnotic state anytime you wish. The American Medical Association approved Hypnosis as a treatment in 1958.
  • Is hypnosis mind control? Do I lose control or divulge information during the session that I do not want to?
    NO. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. You have to want to be hypnotized and must have the desire to make the changes you seek in order for hypnotherapy to work. I or any other hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything that is against your morals or ethics.
  • What does a typical session look like?
    If it is your first session, you will have submitted your consent and intake form, and we will quickly review that together. We then put together a list of issues that you would like to work on and begin to focus on one for the present session. Once we briefly discuss the issue, we begin. The objective is to find and process the cause of your problem, and once that is achieved, we move on to the next issue you have listed or end the session.
  • Is this therapy for me?
    If you have an open mind and are motivated to make a change, then that is a great start. There are some mental illnesses and physical conditions (EX: heart conditions) that are contraindicated for this type of therapy. If you are overly cynical (being skeptical is fine!) or are attending because someone else wants you to, then perhaps this isn't for you. Regression therapy requires taking responsibility for the changes you want to make, and part of that is being open and working with me in order to help facilitate those changes.
  • How much time should I wait between sessions?
    I generally advise to wait a minimum of 2 weeks between sessions. Depending on what is worked on, you may require a larger break up to and beyond a month. You need to allow your body to properly digest what is processed during the sessions.
  • What should I do following a session?
    Do not schedule any strenuous activities following your session. Allow yourself time to process the session. It is a good idea to note any changes that have occurred, record any significant developments, and bring those to the next session.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my Life Between Lives session?
    I require that you send me your "cast of characters" (those people that have had an impact on your life, both good and bad), as well as a list of all of your questions you may have about your life, relationships, purpose, etc.
  • Why is a Past Life Regression required prior to a Life Between Lives session?
    From the Michael Newton Institute website: A prior past life regression session is required because: It helps you to become familiar with your own regressive hypnotic experience Allows us to address any blocks that may impair deeper LBL connection Allows us to uncover patterns you may then wish to explore during the LBL itself Confirms that the superconscious can be opened and that you can travel beyond your current incarnation It prepares your energy, mind and body for an LBL session (which can be for up to 4-5 hours) It allows you to become comfortable with me as your LBL Facilitator.
  • Do I need to read the books before doing a Life Between Lives session?
    Definitely not! I would almost prefer you not to so that you have no expectations about what you will experience during your session. People from all walks of life, cultures, belief systems (even atheists), can do a LBL and have a wonderful session.
  • How are past lives experienced? How about a Life Between Lives session?
    Memories are experienced as pictures or movies in your mind's eye, as sounds and voices, and body sensations or just having a feeling or "knowing" what is happening. Most people are a predominantly visual, and are a combination of the experiences. Most people switch to a visual experience when they arrive at the between lives state.


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